What delights are in store from the Kitchen?

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Blog

As I type decorators are in and the paint is drying, whilst the interiors have been in the planning for months, the food element has been in the pipeline for years. Whilst I don’t want to ruin the surprise too much about what is actually on the menu instead a bit of background on what is to come…

Over the past 18 years when Anthony and I haven’t been travelling, we have been dreaming, reading and planning trips with a clear focus in mind – what food can be eaten and searching for the best places to eat. Curries from Thailand, Shellfish from Cornwall, pizza in Italy and most recently Billtong in South Africa, we have now a bible of menus and dishes that would inspire any kitchen for years.

Anthony and Ellen, whilst had glittering careers cooking up classics in the kitchens at the Savoy in London, admitted that they weren’t up to speed with the modern cooking techniques. In walks John Rix, who has spent the last years perfecting new cooking techniques, including sous vide and dehydration, it is fair to say Jon is becoming more of a scientist than a chef!

Together Jon and Anthony have designed dishes and tweaked plates. I have been fortunate to be a chief taster – terrible job but someone has to do it! What a culinary adventure it has been, under our own roof and a culmination of a food journey that has taken a long time to get to and perfect. From our flowerpot breads, ice creams, terrines, absolutely nothing will be bought in but all prepared by our creative and passionate team from the Kitchen.

We have been very fortunate over the past few months to buy all the toys a chef could want, which has brought their vision to reality.

A few weeks ago we gathered a group of friends and loyal customers to get some constructive feedback on some dishes that we were considering putting on the new menu, as critiques, they were useless because they yummed and wowed over everything that was put in front of them the whole evening but it was a useful exercise in gauging their reaction.

We cannot wait to share these dishes with all of our customers and look forward to hearing more yums and wows, when plates are put in front of them.

And huge excitement, as I finish typing, to hear the new sign has gone up …