Spring is in sight!

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Blog

It is lovely to blog today, with gorgeous spring sunshine flooding through the windows of the Kitchen.  But with a chill in the air, we are super toasty in the Kitchen with our new bright red addition to the bar!  Still to be named ……
Spring brings with in the first of the wild garlic, which is harvested from a secret location near the beautiful Farnborough Hall.  This had made a delightful addition to the dishes coming out of the Kitchen including a wild garlic oil dressing on our fabulous Dorset Shellfish risotto.


This weekend we met a lovely lady who will be developing The Kitchen Garden.  We have given her the task of creating areas where we can pick edible flowers and grow our own vegetables – we are so excited about this and it will be a great addition to our amazing herb garden.

Anthony and I are not blessed with green fingers so we are thrilled to have found someone who will be planting at the right times and working with the kitchen team to grow vegetables that we can use on the menu.  There is even talk of chickens!