Evolution, not revolution!

by | Feb 12, 2016 | Blog

I am absolutely delighted to writing my first blog with such excitement in the air, as well as dust and paint fumes!

Since we bought the Inn in 2001, the idea that we would be here 15 years later with 2 nearly teenage children and 2 hugely successful businesses would have been a pipe dream.
The Inn, from the moment we opened the doors was a undoubted success beyond our imagination and so it was until the day we closed the doors on 22nd February. At the time it was considered a revolution, we were one of the first gastro pubs in the country and certainly the first in North Oxfordshire.

When we decided to change the Inn to the Kitchen, it is more about evolution. A plethora of pubs have opened and closed around us over the past 15 years and now it is time to step ahead of the game again. The word ‘gastro pub’ now applies to any pub serving food – some mediocre, some brilliant – but all in the same category.

The Kitchen is about the food, not mediocre food, but sensational food. It is all about Rustic British Cooking – the very best produce, simply prepared by our fantastic team with exceptional culinary skills. Our team now are stronger and better than ever before. Chefs with Michelin star backgrounds and a Front of House team with outstanding experience and credentials. We no longer want to be in the ‘gastro pub’ category, lumped in with the mediocre. We are going all out to create a new dining experience that our first guests witnessed 15 years ago. Our a la carte menu will be cutting edge, created with up to date cooking techniques, new suppliers, more local and always seasonal. The dishes, will as always, be an eclectic mix of flavours from our travels but with an underlying theme of simple, brilliant cooking.

jo-and-anthonyFear not, alongside our new dishes, are still some of your favourites. Such as our burger, that many say is the best they have ever tasted but cooked on a Robarta grill, food cooked over coals on the Rolls Royce of grills that many of the top restaurants in London are proud to shout about that they have in their Kitchen.

Anthony and I cannot wait to share the Kitchen with you, create new memories and serve you even more amazing food than ever before!