Change the name? Are you crazy?

by | Mar 2, 2016 | Blog

When we moved to the Inn 15 years ago, we changed the name from the Butchers Arms to the Inn at Farnborough. Everyone welcomed the change but no one more so than Lino Pires from the Butchers Arms at Priors Hardwick. To whom having a pub with the same name 5 miles down the road created him a constant headache!

So when we went to change the name to The Kitchen, it felt right. However, we were met with some resistance, with people saying ‘why would you change the name?’ ‘You already have a great reputation?’ ‘The Inn is an institution!’

But Anthony and I were absolutely adamant we wanted and needed to have a complete change with new branding, new colours and a fresh new look.   It was, some might say, dangerous to eliminate an already well-known brand. But we needed a change, the team needed a change and the response has been fantastic! And now with the sign up, it feels so right.

So as we put the finishing touches to the new look – we could not be happier.

We could not have done any of this without Juicy Marketing, we are not the easiest client. We know exactly what we want – so to transfer our ideas into a workable brand, I am sure was not an easy task. And to create a website that we didn’t even have to tweek on the first viewing – the proof is on the world wide web now for all to see.

And now with almost everything in place I hope we have put everyone’s concerns to rest. The Kitchen emerges from an over saturated pub market – with a new concept that we hope all our team will be proud of – not just Anthony and I. And that all our loyal customers will appreciate the thought and work that has gone on, not just in paint and carpentry but in years of thought and’ a coming together’ of food experience that our team possesses.

3 days to go, we are on target ready to open our doors and we cannot wait to share our Country Eating House with everyone.