Summers Over, there it is I have finally admitted it and uttered the phrase I have frankly been putting off since the beginning of September. Those that know us will know that we are very much Tea shirts, shorts and flip flop types of people, give me a beach and surf board and I’m yours. But as I sit here at Kitchen HQ writing this Blog on this blustery morning with the leaves starting to tumble from the trees it is the very first time it has actually felt like the start of Autumn is upon us and I like it.

To be fair we have had the most amazing Foodie Summer, the coals on the BBQ have hardly been allowed to go cold and with an abundance of Mediterranean produce continually springing up in the Kitchen Garden we have had a Summer culinary creative riot on our hands from May right the way until now. But honestly, I’m glad that’s over, another Tomato and Basil Salad, a char-grilled herb chicken or maybe some raspberries and peaches? Errr, no thank you very much, I’ve eaten my fill and in a very ‘Mr Creosote’ type of way, I will decline!

I find myself now longing for the deep and rich Rustic British Cooking that we do so well here at The Kitchen, and with that in mind as we roll towards October we are very much looking forward to British Food Fortnight from 22nd September – 7th October. This is an amazing celebration of all that we encompass and stand for here at The Kitchen. This annual national event organised by Love British Food is the opportunity for all of us in the food industry to celebrate and share with you the finest British produce and the chance to showcase the abundance of amazing food and drink that is produced right on our door step.

As inventive as we like to be at The Kitchen sometimes you just need to keep it real and this year we are going for some all-time Comfort Food Classics. So to celebrate British Food Fortnight we will showcase Slow Braised Bangers & Butter Mash with a rich, unctuous beer and onion Gravy and amazing Home-made pies (with a proper top and bottom of course) made with butter soft crumbly pastry. Both as quintessentially British as it gets and packed to the brim with local produce. Naturally, we will have plenty of new creative Autumnal dishes appearing on the menu as the season moves on and more produce and Game comes into season. An opportunity for the Chefs to shine and show a completely different set of skills and inventiveness than is needed during the Summer months, I just love this type of food.

As the evenings draw in we will be shutting down Big Bertha our trusty clay oven and having our last Pizza Sunday evening of the Season on the Sunday 23rd September. But fear not my fine friends a much-loved old favourite will be returning to The Kitchen, Steak and Chocolate Sundays. Served from 4.00pm every Sunday we will be rustling up a very special ‘special’ of char-grilled Aberdeenshire Steak, Fries & Caesar Salad followed by a yummy chocolate pudding at just £15. Perfect for a simple Sunday supper to round off a lazy weekend and to start the week right.

So it’s good bye to Summer from us all at The Kitchen and a big fat HELLO to Autumn, you comforting, warming, familiar Sexy Beast!