Wow, what a whirlwind the last three weeks have been here at Primrose, our feet literally have not touched the ground! We opened with a bang and a full house on our first night and since then we have been at running at full steam ahead. In this most unpredictable world we now find ourselves in, you really have no idea what tomorrow will bring but we think we have found ourselves a little recipe for success. Giving people a great experience and a reason to go out and enjoy themselves at a time when having fun has been severely curtailed!


The reaction and feedback from all of our amazing customers both old and new that have visited us so far has been quite overwhelming, thank you all so much. The space is beautiful, contemporary, airy and COVID safe. The panoramic views from the glass fronted dining room at Primrose are the finest in The Shire and lends itself perfectly to our vision of a modern, busy, buzzy brasserie serving Ant’s all day dinning menus.


So what do we offer and how does it work? Well we are a Winter Popup and here each Weekend From Friday to Sunday with a couple of extra days thrown in now then. Put simply we have a food and drink offer that is perfect for whatever time of day you want to visit us. We fire up the Coffee machine first thing for you to drop in anytime throughout the day, cakes & Cookies are a thing here! We roll through Breakfast & Brunch with a menu of our personal fav’s. Then its lunch which can be as casual and quick or as long & lazy on as you like. Friday & Saturday evenings it’s a chance to escape and have some fun. Ant’s Dinner Menu is always amazing, we shake the cocktails, dim the lights and roll out the dec’s with our Lounge DJ laying down the back beat to Date Night & Rule of 6 Mates night. It’s as close to a proper night out as you are going to get, smile, enjoy. Sundays are about lazy mornings Brunch and treats and maybe a cheeky Bloody Mary or two before we kick off with the Roast Beef and the best Sunday Lunch for miles and miles……..


Add to all of this a spot of retail indulgence with Dottyhen’s Luxury Ladies goods and our deli cook shop stocked with our famous breads, deli items and gifts you have the perfect recipe for a Pop Up.